2012 Highlights

2012 Highlights

Calling attention to special interest information in the Exhibitor area or the Exhibitor’s Booth or on the floor area stages.  Yoga demonstrations, singing and playing musical instruments, food or coffee samples, and much, much, more.  We just know you won’t want to miss seeing or speaking with these exhibitors.

  • FREE BRUNCH – Cancer Survivors Brunch
  • FOOD – Dixie Chicken, The Omelette Guys, Nonnie’s Pies and Tarts, Bakers Parks
  • 5K RUN AND WALK – BWC / Baltimore Women’s Classic
  • CCBC ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE – Education for credit and non-credit courses
  • BUSINESS CLASSES – Mark Luderman
  • HOME MATTERS – A-One Services, Bath Fitter, Handyman Matters, Renewal by Anderson
  • MASSAGES – L.A. Hair Baltimore
  • MUSIC – Menopause Outlaws, Harbor City Music Company
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Head Shots by Kathy Tully
  • QUEEN FOR A DAY – Celebrating physically challenged women – a day of self care
  • SIFE – Students in Free Enterprise
  • SBA – Small Business Association
  • WILD WEST WINOS – Home delivery of your favorite wine
  • WAMWEB SERVICES – Branded Emails
  • WEBWomen Entrepreneurs of Baltimore

Health Matters / Speaking / Gym 3

Presenter:  Dr. Baron – The Functional Medicine Approach to Women’s Hormones: Menopause and Pregnancy
Most women think PMS and hat flashes, night sweats, etc are “normal.”  The gynecologist will most likely give you some medication and advice. For the PMS, it could be over the counter meds to a hysterectomy.  For the menopause like symptoms, a prescription for HRT and a lang conversation about the ‘side effeets’ and risks is likely in order.
We know the levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone change through a woman’s life. Estrogen, in particular, diminishes normally. So, why is it that only some warnen have symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia? And to varying degrees.  ANSWER: lt’s about MORE than estrogen alone. Other hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, thyroxine, insulin, etc can play a large role in how estrogen ehanges affect you.

If you are trying to get pregnant, and are having difficulty, the question is, WHY? Ruling out the physical obstructions, etc, the slow rhythmic monthly dance of hormones is criticaL Proper balance of hormones is just as essential as absolute levels. If you have previously taken BCP (birth control pills) it is not uncommon for this balance to be thrown off. If you are pregnant, very few of you will not experience painful bw back symptoms. Chiröpractic treatment can reduce or eliminate Ihese and in addition, make the delivery process easier and faster.

Estrogen level changes additionally commonly affeet mood swings osteoporosis, migraines, lass of sex drive, thyroid dysfunction and incontinence, to name a few.  We will expbore these and other concerns ofwomen when Dr Baron speaks at the Women’s Expo.

F. Steven Baron, D.C., FACO Chiropractic Orthopedist, Board Certified, Bay State Chiropractic Center, 405 Frederick Rd. Ste 15, Catonsville, MD 21228, 410-744-8800

Presenter:  Dr. Baron – The Functional Medicine Approach to Women’s Hormones: Menopause and Pregnancy –

Presenter:  Erica Adams, PT, DPT.  A specialist in the area of pelvic floor conditions.   Will discuss how physical therapy can help control both urge and stress incontinence.

PWNradio.net Women in the Morning

Insurance Matters with Mindy GuisewiteTuesday 11 a.m.
Mindy is a Life, Health, Long Term Care and Disability insurance provider. Personal help for all Individuals and Business Professionals is offered to every client.


The Tufts Get GoingWednesdays at 9 a.m.
Learn the secrets of guests who “get going” on making their dreams come true .  Host Rosanna Tufts is the author of “Windfall! Taming the Jealousy Monster,” composer of the rock opera “The Passion of Persephone,” Certified Handwriting Analyst, and Vedic astrologer, who likes to dance, sew, and ice skate for fun.  Rosanna Tufts   443-860-9604   Catonsville MD 21228  rosanna-108@comcast.com

Women Who Love Powerfully – Saturday at 10 a.m.
Ok, I love too much. What’s next? – Saturday at 1p.m.
Self-proclaimed love addict in transition.  Her passion is in supporting those who often experience pain in their “Love” relationships.  Tamieka Sheldon is a self-proclaimed love addict in transition. Her passion is in supporting those who often experience pain in their “love” relationships.

Heart 2 HeartSaturday 9:00 a.m.
Where we get to the Heart of the matter with Bishop Etta Banks –   Presentation: “So that’s why I do things that way.”  Understanding your Motivational Gifts – I am Pastor (10 yrs) of New Vision for Life Kingdom Builders, Institute of Motivational Living-Certified Behavioral Counselor, Certified Gifts Assessment Counselor/Trainer, Certified Prison Ministry Counselor, Certified through H.A.N.D.S.’s Mentorship Program, certified Member of American Association of Christian Counselors. It is the heartfelt desire of Bishop Banks to inspire, motivate, empower, provoke and encourage others to reach their fullest potential. Bishop Banks, by the awesome guidance of the Holy Spirit, prays that those who come into contact with her will acquire a “New Vision For Life”.

The Zest and Harmony Show  – Thursday at 9 a.m. – Sunday at 1 p.m.
Cassandra Herbert – Foods that Bring Zest and Harmony (Smoothie demonstration and samples will be available)  – Cassandra Herbert is a holistic nurse therapist/wellness educator who believes everyone can experience energy and vibrancy by choosing healthy foods and lifestyles. She is passionate about assisting individuals on their wellness journey through customized wellness plans so they can be all they can be.  www.zestandharmonycounseling.com  I believe women can experience energy and vibrancy by choosing healthy foods and lifestyles. At zest and Harmony counseling I assist women on this wellness journey by creatingmeal and wellness plans to help them be all they can be. Cassandra Herbert   800-463-0362   Burtonsville MD 20866   info@zestandharmonycounseling.com

Total Women Wellness – Thursdays at 11 a.m. – Sunday at 2 p.m.
Delayna Keller-Watkins –  The Keys to Creating Total Wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit –
Delayna is a registered nurse and certified wellness specialist known for her enthusiasm to assist others on their wellness journey. She is on a mission to educate, empower and encourage women to lead a healthier lifestyle through the integration of mind, body and spirit.  www.totalwomanwellness.com  –  Delayna Keller-Watkins  800-234-8098   Gambrills MD 21054   delayna@4healthysoul.com

Partners in Health with Gail Dixon – Sundays 9 a.m. – Sunday at 3 p.m.
Presentation: Ten Steps to Improve Your Health –  Gail is a Health and Wellness Consultant, Columnist for the Baltimore Examiner’s Healthy Living Channel. Gail’s mission is to help the community understand the importance of combining a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition and exercise.  www.partnersinhealth.biz – Partnership Builders was designed to be a platform for businesses to network and partner with other businesses. By helping businesses build a strong alliance and assisting them in combining their individual resources, each business will maximize their growth potential and utimate business success. Gail Dixon   443-742-5669   Columbia MD 21045   partnersinhealth@verizon.net

Water Cooler Talk  – Friday 9 a.m.
Dr. Cynthia Pace.



PWN Radio Founder – Patsy Anderson – You Too can have a Radio Show.  Patsy Anderson   443-615-7311   Baltimore MD 21090   patsy@pwnradio.net