2012 Special Features

2012 Special Features

In-Booth and Floor Presentations, usually done by an exhibitor or a group of exhibitors, will take place in the Exhibit area stage or in the Exhibitor’s booth.

Mini-Fringe Festival
Barn Theatre

(Schedule may be subject to change)

Tickets are $10 per individual show, or $30 to see all shows on either Saturday or Sunday. $50 buys an all-access pass to all shows. Rate Sheet for Ads

Saturday, March 10

11:00 am “Petticoats and Politics,” Kate Campbell Stevenson bringing Eleanor
Roosevelt and Abigail Adams to life.

1:00 pm “Cendrillon” (Cinderella, in English) The Baltimore Vocal Arts
Foundation performs – written in 1904 when author, by Pauline Viardot,
when she was an amazing 83 years old.

2:30 pm The Harbor City Music Company, our local chapter of the
“Sweet Adelines,” thrills with big a-cappella harmonies.

4:00 pm The Menopause Outlaws, country singers with a twist, sing of love
and life after 50

Sunday, March 11

11:00 am “Leading Ladies of Maryland,” performed by New Moon Theater,
bringing to life famous and forgotten heroines such as Barbara Fritchie,
Mary Pickersgill, and Rachel Carson.

1:00 pm “Strangers at the Gate,” preformed by A Company of Strangers – a
series of “midrashes” from the Jewish tradition, bringing to life obscure
characters from the Bible such as the man with the waterjar who led the
disciples to the Upper Room.

2:30 pm “A Love Like This.” a romantic comedy performed by Zionward
Productions performs. One couple, looking forward to a free weekend
together, gets interrupted by fighting neighbors showing up on their

4:00 pm The Passion of Persephone presents excerpts from the work-in-
progress. When you update the ancient Greek myth, set in the Gilded
Age, and serve it up with a twist of bondage-and-discipline, the result is a
rock opera you’II never forget. Leather and Lace Never Sounded So Good.