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11:00 Princess Love Mills Interview: Be Loved Like a Princess with Rosanna Tufts, Radio Host







Creating Feel Good Spaces for the Body, Mind and Spirit with Sherry Ways, Published Author

Sherry Burton Ways is a Certified Feng Shui Redesigner, Certified Interior Environment Coach, Interior Color Therapist and Wholistic Interior Designer who designs soul satisfying spaces. Sherry Ways creates Interior Attunement™ through the use of Personalized Feng Shui, Color Therapy and Holistic Interior Design for both residential and commercial environments. She is an educator and Intentional Interior Designer. Her programs and design solutions are focused on creating well being by supporting the intent of the occupants through Intentional Design and Green Design awareness. Her results focus on relieving stress in residential and commercial environments. She is the Principal Designer of Kreative Ways & Solutions, LLC a Largo, Maryland based interior décor firm. It is her goal to create customized living spaces that overcome decorating challenges and evokes a feeling of well-being. She is an adjunct Professor who teaches Feng Shui and Interior Design at Baltimore County Community College in Catonsville, Maryland and author of the new release Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit.
1:00 Promote Your Business in 8 Seconds with D. W. Starr, Radio Host
2:00 Who Is the Real You? with Dr. Natalie Forest, Radio Host
3:00 Elizabeth Rose, Published Author
3:30 How to Raise Funds and Attract Sponsors and Every Woman Has a Book In Her — How to Raise Funds to Get Published with Patsy Anderson and Linda Hollander, National Speaker and Expert on Raising Corporate Sponsors



11:00 Compassionate Fatigue for Nurses and the Sandwich Generation Care Givers with Bridget Bethany, Radio Host
12:00 Your RX for Burn-out Relief with Colleen Humphries, Radio Host


Responding to the first responder: Discover the Hidden Dangers – with Dr. Natalie Forest

First responders are the first on the scene, are the first to help, are the first to take a risk – for others. Yet, often first responders are the last when it comes to taking care of themselves. What are the dangers when you do not engage in Self Care? How can you respond powerfully if your energy reservoirs are emptied out. Let’s address the hidden and real dangers and action steps to respond to them to keep YOU our essential first responder FIRST.
 2:00  Radio Interviews and Authors