2011 Exhibitor

 2011 Exhibitors

  • VIRIDIAN – SHOW SPONSOR – www.viridian.com/Kirby – Viridian, will soon take the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region by storm with record breaking growth and a mission to impact the environment. In its first year of business the company has saved consumers $6,991,260.00 and eliminated 46,094,694 lbs of CO2. In laymen’s terms this is equivalent to planting over 400 acres of trees or taking 2500 cars off the road.   The Women’s Expo is the perfect partner for a woman entrepreneur, like Kirby Spencer, providing a venue where she can impact the environment, fulfilling her passion, and impact the lives of other women, by helping them fulfill their dreams and passions with Recession proof income.   Go GREEN Bring your BGE Bill – Sign UP and SAVE MONEY… win an iPAD sponsored by Viridian.  –  Kirby Spencer  410-218-3722   spencerjkelm@verizon.com