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Career, Transition and Life Coaching

Are you stuck in a rut?  Are you where you want to be in life? Looking to make a few changes in life? Infinity Coaching may be just what you are looking for…

Committed to excellence, with proven results, Infinity Coaching utilizes the principles of growth, opportunity, and development to help clients reach success. Whether focusing on career or personal goals, we offer a coaching process that elevates and improves the quality of your life.

Infinity Coaching is made up of three key life components – Career, Transition and Life Coaching.

Career Coaching

In today’s competitive environment individuals have to take charge of their careers and their lives – You are the CEO of your future.  Infinity Coaching works with its clients to make sure they stand out above the rest.  Clients understand the value of first impressions and learn to leave a lasting impression.  We work and assist clients with:

Clarification of current career goals; evaluation of skills, values and interest; exploration of career options; career development; growth within your current industry/profession; career transition/retirement; clients looking to re-position his/her future; individuals needing outplacement services; mastering the interview; improving communication and people skills; networking;  improving professional performance; and navigating through the job search, job seeking tips, reviewing resumes and applying for positions.   We also specialize in working with retiring and separating service members assisting with their military transition.

Infinity Coaching will work with you to develop/implement goals and initiate an action plan to achieve set goals.  We will support you and work with you to create a career you love and a life you are proud of.

Transition Coaching

Are you going through a transition in your life?  Have you recently suffered a loss, thinking about relocating, experienced the birth of a new baby, or recently became divorced? Have you recently retired, experiencing mid-life changes or have become an empty nester? No matter how big or small the transition it impacts us by changing our lives and the lives of those around us. Life is full of disruptions, disappointments, and occurrences that can alter our course. Some of the occurrences are met with sadness and some are met with joy and excitement. One must recognize the life stages and not see them as challenges but as lessons and opportunities. Do not view the change as a problem or challenge or that problem will become your reality. Create the life you want out of this transition and take the necessary steps to move from one phase to the next.

With Transition Coaching, Infinity Coaching works with our clients to help them let go and redefine themselves as they move to the next phase in life.  Take control of your future and don’t just go through the motions of life, stuck and existing but live. We work with you to develop a plan of action, implementing that plan and achieving results. Move past the fear that has been holding you back and embrace the power of change.

Life Coaching

Are you living the life you want to live? How would you feel if you had more peace in your life? What is stopping you from having the life you want?  Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to be who you really want to be.  At Infinity Coaching we work with our clients to connect inner passion and purpose to outer goals and strategies to create powerful and sustainable results. By exploring and identifying their values, clients are able to clarify what they really want in life and determine what is truly important.

With Life Coaching you address the thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. What does holding on to the limiting beliefs and negative self talk cost you? How is it impacting your work performance, health, and relationships?  How would your life be if you were able to resolve what holds you back from living your dream life? Working with an Infinity Coaching Life Coach will enable you to eliminate the negative self talk, the things we say to ourselves silently, the words we use that block our lives.  Learn to remove what is not working in your life and keep what is working creating a new paradigm. Choose new rules for your life and put them in action.  This is your life! Live your dream and share your passion! What will the new you be like?  Let Infinity Coaching help you find your true passion and purpose.

Infinity Coaching provides friendly advice and motivating guidelines to navigate employees/individuals into a change that will propel their professional and personal lives.  Infinity Coaching provides its clients with tools, support, and the structure needed to accomplish goals set. With its coaching mechanisms, clients are invigorated with increased confidence, knowledge and self-awareness. Outside of individual coaching, Infinity Coaching also provides group coaching, workshops, and training seminars across the country.

INFINITY COACHING helping clients with key decisions while improving lives.

Contact me via email,, to schedule a free discovery session to assess your needs and determine if one of our programs fits your needs.  Please provide the best method of contacting you and a good time to call.