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NeuGrowth is a company that helps people think better & more clearly, have a much stronger memory, process faster, be calmer, get along with others better, see “the bigger picture” faster, and even be better at physical movement.

We use information we learned beginning over 20 years ago as well as recently discovered facts about how the brain works, grows and develops. We have an amazing track record which speaks for itself. You can check out the details on the “What we offer” page of our website:


What do you mean that you “train brains”?

It means that we know how to make more connections between brain cells and how to grow neurons (brain cells). As recently as 15 years ago, it was discovered that brain cells, or neurons, have the ability to continue regeneration even through adulthood.

How do you train brains, and who do you work with?

We work with anyone needing our programs, and we provide information, facilitate and teach in a variety of ways. This includes: Seminars and Workshops for small to large corporations, Tutoring or working One-on-One with infants to age 2 (this is a most magical time, & we work with the parents)

Any individual or small group. For example, school kids, adults, seniors.

Presenting to small groups for all sorts of organizations including PTAs, associations and community groups.

Workshops, Seminars, Presentations

The following are offered to companies, organizations, and associations:

Memory, Focus, Attention

Effects of Stress on the Brain & What to Do About It.  Stress kills brain cells and can wipe out memory. Lessening your stress is good for your health, improves your thinking and decision-making ability, and generally promotes a better mood.


Since preschoolers are a little older than babies and tend to be much more physically active, we use that in teaching parents the best ways to optimize their brain growth, organization, and development. WITHOUT pushing, and with a whole lot of love and fun, preschoolers can easily do all 4 basic operations of math, read fluently and speak several languages at a basic level, with true native pronunciation.

Elementary, Middle, High School and College

NeuGrowth provides tutors for all subjects, all ages, including pre-school through college. We prep high school kids for the SAT,PSAT, ACT, middle school students for the SSAT, college grads for the GRE, and teachers for the PRAXIS.

Contact Us for a Complimentary Evaluation, including a one-day tailored lesson plan AND a free booklet,  “Learn How to Optimize Your Brain in Just One Day.”


NeuGrowth is a company that helps people build brains.  We use information we learned beginning over 20 years ago as well as recently discovered facts about how the brain works, grows and develops.  Our track record speaks for itself, as you will see on the “What we offer” page.

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