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PayBizness provides merchant accounts, online gateway accounts and credit card processing solutions for businesses and non-profits. The mission of PayBizness is to provide “Credit Card and Check Payments All the Time, Everywhere” to businesses and non-profits. In addition to its traditional retail store and mobile (wireless) solutions, Pay Bizness offers a web-based payments gateway that is less expensive and provides more capabilities than Pay Pal, ProPay and other competitors. The gateway is accessible from your computer or your iPhone. With a PayBizness account, businesses and non-Profits will have faster availability of their funds, no monthly minimums and lower transaction fees. Any business or non-profit, regardless of size or past credit challenges can apply for a merchant account or a combined merchant/payments gateway account with PayBizness. Account setup is easy and most are approved within 24 hours of application receipt.  OFFERING A FREE CARD SWIP to all Exhibitors.
Michelle McBride   888-992-5551