2012 Media Sponsor

At e-ventures Worldwide, LLC our mission is to find the best companies in each evaluated industry. In order to be able to find the best companies, first we identify the primary and secondary areas of coverage within the specified vertical. Each area of coverage has a unique set of evaluation criteria that is developed by our experienced research team. The evaluation criteria put each company to the test to ensure that the highest quality standards are being met. Every company that is ranked by one of our sites has endured an extensive evaluation process and has proven themselves to be among the best.  Once the areas of coverage have been identified and ranked, we then work to provide comprehensive exposure for all those that are recognized by one of our sites. We are active within the industry by appearing at major conferences helping buyers to ensure that they are connecting with the best companies for their needs. We send out news releases targeted to the specified verticals in order to inform buyers of the latest rankings. All of our efforts are to ensure the buyers are provided with the information necessary in order to make the best decisions for themselves or their business.
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