General Info

General Information

Find out what’s going on and all the great things you can do and see at the expo. We make our expo Visitor Friendly and lots of fun. Shopping, workshops, in booth presentations, massages, yoga and many other types of demonstrations, and so much more.

The CCBC Women’s Expo is all about promoting Women Owned or Operated businesses. Networking and growing business to successful levels. We strive to offer opportunities to gain support from and to give support to other women. We are all about educating women to make the most of their skills and teaching them to utilize the businesses around them.

The CCBC Women’s Expo is not just a two-day event, it is a year round program, offering resources and support to help market and grow your business. At our Free Exhibitors Workshop, exhibitors (and anyone thinking of exhibiting) learn how to gain customers and an audience. We also offer a free follow up workshop to help determine what worked and what went wrong and how you can change it for future expos.

The CCBC Women’s Expo is an event that offers several platforms and resources to reach the businesses and the consumer. Exhibiting is a part of that process.

Through our women’s events, programs, services, and activities, we address women’s issues and acknowledge women’s achievements. One exhibitor is awarded an Award of Excellence for her/his dedication to the Women’s Expo and to Women in Business and Education. This award is presented at the CCBC Enterprise Institute Appreciation Luncheon.

The Women’s Expo won an AAWCC National Award. We have donated over $30,000 in scholarships and awards; and continue to keep women in touch with businesses that have what women need to make the best of their education and continued growth in business.